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    Question When to call the midwife/go to the hospital?

    My midwife is fantastic but I never want to bother her if it is not necessary!

    I just want to know at what point you called your midwife ( or went to the hospital for those who gave birth in a hospital)

    I have been having contactions about 10 mins apart for 3 hours now. When I had a bath they stopped but are now back again. I am "due" august 03.
    They are not too bad... i can still walk/somewhat function but they dont really feel like braxton-hicks but I can't imagine REAL labour is this calm! lol!


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    My (3) midwives work on rotation and one is always either at the hospital or available to come, so I'm not sure how it works when you have a single midwife. My guess is that you can just show up at the hospital and they will only call her if you are ready to have the baby? Otherwise they will send you home without bothering her. That is how it normally works with an obgyn too.
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    I've never had a baby so I wouldn't really know, but can you call your midwife and tell her about your contractions, etc. and let her make the call? Or call an over-the-phone health consultation service if one is available?
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    If you're concerned then I would give her a call. Worse case she tells you that you just need to sit tight. With my son I called once because the contractions were similar to yours and was told that I wasn't in enough pain yet. A little bit later I was and we went to the hospital at that point. Of course every person is different and different midwives have different points that they want you at the hospital. Good luck!
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    My doctor's office told me to call the office (or hospital if after hours) once contractions were less than 5 minutes apart. I never had any Braxton Hicks. I read about women who started labor and cleaned their house and stuff. I was like "Are you kidding?" Mine were so painful I was on my knees at one point. And they were less than 5 minutes, out of nowhere. It was after hours so I called the hospital and they paged the doctor who asked me standard questions before telling me I should head to the hospital.

    Don't worry about bothering your midwife.That's what they're there for, especially about whether it's time or not.
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