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    Cool My short list of names neither of us hate....

    My husband hates everything.....these are the boy names we have come up with that he hasn't automatically vetoed.

    Thoughts? Combos?

    Silas- he loves this, I only like it

    Knox - LOVE, but getting popular. Still love it though. Named for John Knox the Scottish theologian.

    Mordecai - probably only as a middle name, but who knows? nn Cai (Kai)

    Luther - love, but out last name starts with L, so not sure. After Martin Luther, the theologian.


    Duncan- after John Duncan, the Theologian.


    Shiloh- have Brad and Angelina ruined this for a boy?

    Shepherd - actually really like this one

    Ezekiel- nn Zeke

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    Great list! The only one I'd nix is Duncan (makes me crave donuts...and I knew a bully w/the name). My faves are Titus, Silas, and Shepherd. I love Shiloh...but the association w/Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is strong (not so much w/Knox, though).

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    I thought the same thing about Duncan

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    I only like Knox and Deacon
    Spencer|Benjamin|Henry|Declan|Rhys|Grayson|Peter|Q uinn

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    Guilty Pleasures

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    I love Duncan and Silas.

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