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Thread: Too Seventies?

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    Heather is a perfectly good name! It isn't misspelt and it's fairly traditional; what's not to like?? Personally, I feel that ranks it far above made up/smoosh/surname names.

    I hate the term 'dated'.

    Say Caitlin, for example. Like Heather it's not a name I'd pick myself but it has all the qualities I respect in a name and is ridiculously popular at the moment, like Heather was in the 70's/80's. But that isn't going to detract from it's appeal in ten years time; it's still going to be the same nice name despite it's former popularity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    Actually, there was a film that came out in the late eighties named "Heathers" which made fun of the overused name. The film portrays four girls — three of whom are named Heather — in a clique at a high school. So- yeah - it's very "dated" to the 70's and 80's.
    I did specify that there was no real association "to me". I have never heard of this movie so my statement remains true and I still do not believe it to be dated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkrd View Post
    I grew up w/a lot of Heathers, but always found it soft, pretty, nature-y. I like it. People in her generation won't think of it as an 80's name.
    I agree with this.

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    I've seen Heather used a lot as an example of a dated name, like "oh ____ isn't dated, at least it's not super dated like Heather" but I think it would stop seeming dated if people started using it again. Abigail seemed dated until daring parents revived it and now you'd picture it on a little girl sooner than an old woman. I think Heather has a really pretty sound and the nature connection is appealing, go for it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    Although nature names are in vogue, Heather is stuck in the 70-80's period so it's currently "dated". Personally, I knew far too many mean Heathers growing up to even suggest it to anyone. It may be another generation before she's revived again.
    I couldn't agree more. I have never met a Heather that was even remotely nice so personally I think it is an ugly name through and through.

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