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    Yup, but I know even natural triplets are very rare (1 in 2000 live births, I've heard).
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    Most definitely possible
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    I actually know two sets of naturally occurring triplets. In one case, the mom had two sons (each singletons) and then triplet boys. Surprise! She now has five boys under the age of five. In the other, the mom had six older children, ranging from teens on down, then had triplet girls. She is now pregnant again, with number ten- just one this time. Multiple births are more common in older moms, so that might have something to with it. I have heard that multiples are more likely after several pregnancies, but I am not sure if that is true. I do not personally know anyone with multiples of higher order than triplets, but it does happen. In 2009 a woman in Belfast had naturally occurring sextuplets.

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    Okay, I read that as "give birth" to triplets, quads, quints, etc! As others have said, it's definitely possible to conceive higher order multiples naturally, but it's very rare. My cousins are actually naturally occurring triplets (born in 1990). The highest number of babies ever conceived and delivered (without IVF) is quintuplets, I think, whereas, with IVF, it's nonuplets (delivered twice, all babies died). As for "give birth", again, it's possible (several sets of higher order multiples were born in the days before caesareans), but not very safe. My cousins were born via caesarean.

    Have you seen the episode of Friends where Phoebe is having the triplets and she's going to deliver naturally and they're in the hospital and can't find a doctor? I almost wet myself laughing at that recently because, if a woman was having triplets naturally, there'd be a hundred doctors in the room!
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    It is possible to have triplets vaginally, though this woman did end up getting induced:
    Vaginal Hospital Birth of TRIPLETS | Birth Without Fear
    (The photos of this mama's belly are terrifying and amazing!)

    It's not always safer to have a c-section, those carry risks of their own.

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