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    Taryn for a Boy?

    I'm certainly not expecting anytime soon, but as a writer I pay a lot of attention to names because I'm always looking for more character ideas.

    One name that I am absolutely in love with is the name Taryn - but for a boy. It's not very commonly used as a male name but I've been in love with it for over a year. One of my good friends is named Taryn, but mainly he went by Taz. The name fit him very well - he was very artistic and creative and an out-of-the-box thinker.

    I find the full name very appealing, and I actually prefer it as a boy's name. That may be because that's how the name was introduced to me, though. I also love the name because of the connection it has to my friend.

    I know Taryn as a boy's name isn't seen very often, and I'd like to hear opinions on it. I'd really love to use this name for my child many years into the future. I'm also a little biased towards somewhat unique names because I've grown up with a name you don't see too often and had a great experience so far. What do you think about the name Taryn for a boy?
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    I would spell it Taran. Parents are putting random y's in names to make them more "feminine" so Taryn would be viewed as a feminine form. Taryn Power was the daughter of actor Tyrone Power so it's a female name for me with this spelling. Taran Noah Smith was a child actor on the TV show "Home Improvement" so this spelling is the masculine one.
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    Oh my goodness, I love Taryn for a boy!! (check in my signature..) I have no idea where I came up with it, but it makes me excited to see someone else loving it.... I've thought about different spellings (Taren, Tarren) like @mischa, but i actually like this one best. I would love to see it on a boy, I know its generally a girl's name, but I think it sounds masculine enough to work. I think it's an awesome name.
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    It sounds, without seeing on paper, very unisex, perhaps masculine - makes me think of a trendy-fied version of Aaron with a T, or Terrence minus the last couple letters. But seeing it written on a computer or on paper, Taryn looks very feminine to me. Mischa's suggestion works well; I think Terren would be probably your best, most clearly masculine bet.
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    I've known many of both genders with this name. It's pretty 80s since most are close in age to me. It's a nice name. Taron, Terren, Tarryn, Taren, and Taryn are the spellings I've seen

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