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    Middle names for Samuel please :)

    I posted a few days ago about my hesitation to use Samuel as a first name. It was mainly because of it's popularity, but also because I was just not ready to give up the process of finding the perfect name. I have decided that because my dh loves it so much ( I love it too btw) we are going to go ahead and name this sweet boy Sam. Thank you to all the berries who helped me overcome my trepidation! I would not have gotten here without your opinions and advice! I also realized that we still have to pick a really cool middle name. So I still get to have fun with the process! To that end, I need some help.

    My favorites for Samuel are old style names that have yet to make a comeback. I want something truly vintage, with a hint of old south. I also like nature inspired names.
    Names that I'm liking right now
    Samuel Hansford
    Samuel Octavian
    Samuel Clive
    Samuel Lindsay
    Samuel Fox
    Samuel Grey


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    I love Samuel Grey, Samuel Clive and Samuel Fox. Strong names.

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    I like Samuel Clive!

    Samuel Owen?

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    I love Samuel! I think Sam is the sweetest name, and despite it's popularity it definitely holds a spot on my top 5.
    I like both Samuel Fox and Samuel Grey, though my preferred spelling is Gray.
    What about..

    Samuel Holden
    Samuel Hendrix
    Samuel Desmond
    Samuel Willard
    Samuel Hawk
    Samuel Thaddeus
    Samuel Phineas
    Samuel Oak
    Samuel Rupert
    Samuel Leopold
    Samuel Augustine
    Samuel Harbour
    Samuel Vaughn


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    I think your first option on your list of Samuel Hansford is fitting all your check points, although my favorites are Samuel Clive and Samuel Grey. The later in particular conjurs up quite the mysterious, sophisticated gentleman.
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