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    Thanks guys!

    Valentine- I am really liking Samuel Leopold and Samuel Thaddeus. Thank you! They are going on the list!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Love Samuel! I like all your combos, but I am especially intrigued by Samuel Fox and Samuel Grey! Do you have a family surname that you'd like to use? I would think that would make a combo seem particularly Southern! I think something like Samuel Sumner (!!!!) or Samuel Saxon or Samuel Hughes or Samuel Hayes (!!!!) would be amazing. I'm not from the South, and haven't really even visited, so I really have no frame of reference to give suggestions. Samuel Phineas, maybe?

    Good luck!
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    Samuel Grey is my favorite from the list <3

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    Yay!! So happy you're going with Samuel I really love Samuel Clive and Samuel Grey!

    My first thought was Samuel Gregory but I think that's just because I think of Grey as a nn for Gregory. I'm not sure if it suites your style.

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    Ash- I really really like Samuel Hayes and Samuel Phineas! So funny because I was toying with Phineas at dinner and then I log on and you suggested it! These are now added to the list!

    Mnmemily15- Samuel Felix is great!! Also going on the list!

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