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    Need Suggestions! Biblical/Hebrew FN + Shakespearean MN


    I'm looking for female name combos with a Biblical or Hebrew first name and a Shakespearean middle name. I prefer one or both names to end with an 'a'.


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    Roseofjuly pretty much covered the Bible...
    A few more neglected Shakespearean ones: Cymbeline, Titania, Hermia, Isabella, Helena, Hermione, Lavinia, Julia, Rosaline, Cleopatra, Hero, Imogen, Luciana, Iris, Celia, Phoebe, Audrey, Constance, Aemilia, Francisca, Gertrude, Hecate, Hippolyta, Jacquenetta
    Amedeo Enjolras Aristotle Leonardo Archer Olivier Mischa Liam Caspian Benedict Theodore Fitzwilliam
    Rosalie Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Alice Elisabeth Stella Titania Artemis Cicely Margarethe Thalia Astrid

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    FN: Eila - sounds like the popular 'Isla' (eye-la), it's Hebrew and means "oak tree"

    MN: Viola - in The Twelfth Night
    Octavia - in Antony and Cleopatra
    Beatrice - in Much Ado About Nothing

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    I'm probably naming my daugher Anna Juliet. I didn't have your criteria, but I just like the name. Thought I'd share!

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