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    I'm assuming Riddle is the middle name, not the last name?

    Riddle is actually really cool in the middle name slot. Braddock Riddle sounds like someone I want to be friends with.
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    I wouldn't like it in the first, but I'm up for about anything in the middle as it rarely gets used. It might have some sort of significance to her. Besides that, it does sound sort of cool. It's got a good sound. I don't like Braddock, but I can see the appeal of Riddle in the middle (couldn't help myself) :P -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I know someone with the MN Riddle. Like other suggested, Riddle was his mothers Maiden name and maybe it's the same in this instance too?
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    Homage to Voldemort? I mean, it's not like you could actually name the kid Voldemort. (Just kidding!)

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    I've seen Riddle as a surname, so my first thought was that it's a family surname.
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