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    we have our girl but not the final name

    My daughter was born on the 9th, and is healthy and gorgeous and, at the moment, my sleepiest newborn yet!
    We decided on Theodora for her name. However, my partner changed his mind on her middle name (Mairi) because of the meaning (she would be 'bitter gift of god', all in all).
    He always loved Estelle and Esther, but I'm not convinced....we came across Esteri, which I love.
    So we have Theodora Esteri.
    Joy! BUT we have been calling her by her middle name a lot, and its gradually dawning that maybe Esteri is the right one.
    It's so new that it feels a bit risky, and I'm maybe a little ambivalent about how suddenly we've come acorss the name.

    Thought a poll might help- this context aside, which name do you prefer:
    Theodora Esteri
    Esteri Theodora

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    Theodora is a better option. I've never heard of Esteri, and I'm sure how to pronounce it. Is it pronounced like Esther followed by the "eee" sound? Without know its roots of Esther, I'd guess it was ess-tair-eye. While I love Esther, Esteri is just a bit too out there for me.
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    I love Esteri!
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    Esteri Theodora!
    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    Theodora Esteri.
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