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    Your 'sort of annoyings' drive me crazzzzzy!!!! It would be too much for me sorry. LOVING Margot though!!
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    Love Hazel, but not feeling it with Hal. That said, your children are independent people who will for most of their lives not be known in relation to their sibling, sooo, who really, really cares?

    A shame about Margot Beatrice, what an absolutely stunning name. Might steal it.

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    Hahahahaha @Novmama10! That is so awesome! Yes, I would say you are "overly" qualified to answer. Glad you responded!

    Just to clarify- I still LOVE the name Margot, it just doesn't feel right and I'm not sure why....
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    Cair Paravel :)
    I really like Hazel Lillian, and I think it's fab with Harold "Hal"! Hal and Hazel are a bit similar, but fine for me. I really like the pairing, actually. I actually find John and Jane much more matchy than Hal and Hazel, mainly because they're both forms of the same name.
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    I don't think Harold and Hazel are too matchy, but Hazel Lillian isn't a great combo. One of the golden rules of baby naming is never start the middle name with the last letter of the first name. The names blend together.
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