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    spelling: Juliette or Juliet?

    I am leaning towards Juliette because it seems more elegant and feminine and also emphasizes the "ET" in the prounciation, but wondering if it's too frilly or what the trend is in spelling now?

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    I prefer Juliet on most days, as it is less frilly. However if you do want to stress the 'ette' then Juliette makes more sense. Both are pretty. I also know a woman who goes by Liette which I think is so sweet.

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    I think both are lovely and pleasing to the eye. Love the name actually. I think I slightly prefer Juliet as that is more the classic spelling from the play and it gets the pronounciation across without looking unfinished or anything.
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    I think the Starbucks test would favour Juliet. With email we probably spell out our names more than at any other point in history so I'd favour the more familiar Shakesperean Juliet over Juliette unless there was a fantastically good reason. As a Catherine I favour making life as easy as possible when it comes to most common spelling.
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    What is the "Starbucks test"? How is Juliet without the extra t and e pronounced? is it still Juli-ET or is it JOO-liet.

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