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    Middle Name for Avery...

    In love with Avery...even if others aren't Would love some help on the perfect name. 2 of my girls have family middle names and the third is just a name we like.

    Babies sisters are:

    Olivia Maeann
    Addison Marie
    Ella Grace

    **Last name rhymes with better***

    Some family names we could use...Ann, Michelle, Lillian, but we are open to anything that sounds perfect!
    Thanks for your help!

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    I love Avery! I would go with a very girly middle name:

    Avery Caroline
    Avery Claire
    Avery Catherine
    Avery Jane
    Avery Camille
    Avery Amelia
    Avery Elizabeth

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    Olivia already has a version of Ann in her mn so Ann or Lillian may be repetitive. Avery Michelle flows the best from your family name list but it's matchy with Ella's name. I like the suggestions of boyandgirl too! Avery Kate would be a spunky combo!
    All the best,

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