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    I think most of the names are fine, except Pegwin. I think Anneliese Caira and Xanthe Caira are beautiful combos. The meaning behind all the names is lovely!
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    Anneliese and Xanthe are lovely. The others are all made-up smooshes and none of them sound very nice. Especially Pegwin (penguin?).
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    I love Annaliese Caira Hudson!!! I also pronounce it Anna-Lease not a huge fan of the others sorry!

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    My first thought was that Pegwin sounded like Penguin, but the others are really cute! I particularly like Caira. I think people would automatically say Marsha if you went with Marsa, but if you don't mind correcting it's very lovely and meaningful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    We would pronounce Anneliese like Anna-lease, not with an A on the end. I know some of the others might seem made up but we're ok with that, we like the sound and the look of them and also what they mean to us.
    I think most people would pronounce Anna-lease. I think it's a beautiful name and there's nothing wrong with it or the spelling. I'm not a fan of the other names, sorry.

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