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    Well, there's always Effie (short for...Iphigenia, unfortunately. Maybe something like Evelyn could work too? Though I know that's basically Evie.). I think it could use a comeback and would fit in with your sibset nicely. Just be aware of "eff-this" and "eff-that" teasing when she's a teenager. I thought of Elsie as well, but that's too close to Ellie. Millette sounds made up to me, but I actually like the sound of it better than Millicent or Mildred. And plus I love Millie. I was afraid that it sounds the same as Ellie, but when I said them out loud, they seemed different enough.
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    I just searched Ef- names to be of better use. Here's the list:
    Effemie/Effemy - I think this might include your like of Emme nicely.
    Efthemia (this is a name? Huh. Learn new things every day, I guess)
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    I agree that some of these seem forced. From your list, I like Elora and Millie. I like the suggestion of Estella or Estelle. She could be Essie.
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    I really love Emme she's really sweet! But with Emme isn't your thing then defiantly go back to the drawing board!!

    Estie - I'm not keen on Estine for me she sounds like pristine too me. I like Esther, I think Estie would work as a nice nickname for Esther, she's a lovely biblical name.

    Ensie - Ugh awful nickname! I also hate Mckenzie which is just unattractive.

    Enley - What? Seriously this is just strange! Suggestion Elena?

    Essalie - Hmm I dislike how this name visually looks, I also dislike how this name sounds.

    Elora - I adore the name Elora she's so pretty and elegant! Elora is defiantly my style. But yes too similar with Ellie.

    Millie - I like Millie she's a nice, wholesome name. Very sweet. But Ellie and Millie they rhyme!

    Millette - Yes I really like this name! I assume the combination is Millette Alexandra not Alexander (boy's names!) if so I adore this name.

    If the siblings are Ellie and Evie I would go with another 'e' name my suggestions...
    Eden 'Ellie, Evie, and Eden'
    Ebony 'Ellie, Evie, and Ebony'
    Edith 'Ellie, Evie, and Edith'
    Eloise 'Ellie, Evie, and Eloise'
    Erica 'Ellie, Evie, and Erica'
    Emerald 'Ellie, Evie, and Emerald'
    Erin 'Ellie, Evie, and Erin'
    Elspeth 'Ellie, Evie, and Elspeth'
    Elsa 'Ellie, Evie, and Elsa'
    Emsa 'Ellie, Evie, and Esma'
    Etta 'Ellie, Evie, and Etta'
    Elicia 'Ellie, Evie, and Elicia'

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    I agree that a lot of these feel forced.

    Sorry for any repeats:

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