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    Baby Names Lists! (Fairly Short!)

    Kiddo #4!

    Brothers Maxwell (Max) and Theodore (Theo).
    Sister Annika (Annie).

    I would LOVE some opinions/feedback on our current top lists!

    Boy names - we're pretty settled on this one. Spelling is an issue though... Middle name will be William.


    Oscar is seems more familiar and 'softer', but Oskar seems more in tune with our German/Northern European heritage.
    Any input?

    Girl names - More of a variation and debate - Middle name will depend on the first name, but likely contenders are Jane or Geraldine.


    I want something feminine, but a bit sassy and 'sparky' - while also being somewhat rarer (prefer no top 100 names), but not 'out-there' or made-up.
    I figure a girl has to be a bit sassy in this world anyhow! Ha!

    Input/Comments are greatly appreciated!
    (For instance, I liked the name 'Astrid' until someone pointed out that the 'Ass' in the name may be a problem )

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    Hello there, you probably haven't got any responses yet because you've posted in the wrong category. Anyway...

    I vastly prefer Oscar to Oskar. Oskar looks misspelled, even though I know it's the correct German spelling.

    For girls, I think Jane is a much nicer middle name than Geraldine (I'm guessing Geraldine is an honour name).

    Wilhelmina Jane
    Margot Jane
    Norah Jane

    My favourite is definitely Wilhelmina Jane, with Margot Jane a close second.
    Baby girl due on June 20, 2016

    Alice - Beatrix - Clara - Daphne - Jane - Lydia - Susannah - Violet

    August - Darcy - Everett - Frederick - George - Henry - James - Rupert

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    I love Oscar and Norah (very sassy)
    Mumma of 3 Angel babies, Lani (my heavenly flower), Charlie (my free little one) and Brennan (my brave teardrop) xxx

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    I'm a bit torn as to the spelling of Oscar/Oskar. I actually like both spellings, depending on the context. Is your surname German/Northern European? If so, you could get away with the spelling Oskar. If it's not obviously a German/Northern European surname, then I'd probably stick with Oscar.

    As for a girl, my favourite combinations from your list are either Norah Jane or Rose Geraldine.

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    I prefer Oscar with a "c" (Maxwell or Theodore aren't particularly Northern European or German names/spellings, are they? ) Oscar looks more polished and he would probably have to say "that's Oskar with a k" for the rest of his life if you spelled it the other way. Margot is definitely sassy but she would share an initial with Maxwell. Nora and Theodore are too matchy for my comfort level. From your list, Elsa Geraldine or Wilhelmina Jane would be my pick. I like Astrid too! Have you considered Greta or Ingrid?
    All the best,

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