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    I'm obviously not having kids anytime soon but I would really like 3 or 4 (5 at the most, but that's pushing it for me). I really want a big family - I only have one biological sibling and have always liked having a lot of noise around the house. Of course it all depends on financial resources when the time comes, but ideally I'm hoping for about 4.
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    As many as the good Lord, decides to bless us with!

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    I want 4. (Or more, but DH is an only child, so I'm just glad I got him to agree on 4!) we have one baby so far.... I feel like I'm running out of time... I'm turning 28 this month
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    I'm fascinated by the fact that so many of us want four children! I wonder why?

    For myself, I'm technically one of three -- I have a five-year old half sister by my father and his new wife -- but because of the enormous age difference, I feel like one of two. My sister and I have had a great deal of friction in the past (understatement) and I've always wished we had another sibling to diffuse the tension between us. But I feel like if there were three of us the relationship would just become factious -- so four seems like the perfect balance. The two most functional sibling groups I know (my mother and my best friend) are foursomes, so this strikes me as exactly the right number.

    How about everyone else? Why four?
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    I've always wanted four. Three girls one boy ideally.

    Omg heaps of people want four!!
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