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    I didn't want any until I was about 34, but I knew if I had one I'd have a bunch. We said we wanted 6 or 7 when we started ttc. I'm now expecting number 4 and it's our last as I'm 43 this year. We were always a bit disappointed we didn't have multiples, but love our family size.
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    i always said 4-5. in recent years that's gone down to 1-2. not to mention i'll be 27 in a few weeks, have no marital prospects, AND i have PCOS (known for causing fertility issues). time's running thin, me thinks lol.
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    my answer

    ideally i said 4.. my other half wanted 4 we have 2 so far.. maybe in a few years depending..

    Who knows.. i have my names too well i have an idea..
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    one or two
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    I always say that I wanted a big family. In my dreams I have 7 - 9 kids. Realistic this is not going to happen because 1 : financial problems ( although Iam very young) , 2 : my BF wants only 1 baby so I would be lucky to persuade him for 3. So I see myself with 1 - 3 kids.

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