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    Bethany or Lilibet

    We're going with the nn Betty, and the only full name option DH has approved of is Bethany (I've been through them all with him: Bernadette, Beatrice, Betony, etc.). We have a niece named Elizabeth (Lizzy) so that's definitely out for us. I haven't brought Lilibet up in quite a long time and thought I would mention it again since I'm still not 100% on board with Bethany even though I think it's a fine name.

    Which do you prefer? MN will be Gwen, so Bethany Gwen or Lilibet Gwen. I get that the flow of BG is so much nicer, but I'm not overly concerned about that.


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    I like Bethany. What about Lisette or Liesel?
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    I love both Lisette and Liesl but DH really wants to use Betty and those are probably too much of a stretch. I'm already having trouble explaining to family that we're using Teddy as a nn for Edmund if it's a boy.

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    I really like Bethany, and I like Bethany Gwen. Lilibet I can't picture on a grown woman in the business world.

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    While I sort of love Lilibet, I agree with Brigid16. I can't picture on a grown woman. I can see a little girl but from teen-like 50 is weird. That could be solved with Betty, Lily, or even Beth from Lilibet though.

    As far as combos, I prefer Bethany Gwen because of the flow and because I just like Bethany that little bit more than Lilibet. -- My Amazon Author Page

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