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    Red face Sister to Leah and Evie- suggestions and gut reactions please!

    We're expecting our third (and final!) girl in November. Little sister to:

    Leah Clara
    Genevieve (Evie) Rose

    The middle names were their grandmother's names. The third girl will have the middle name Lee. Which is a challenge! I am okay with the syllables and rhythm not being perfect, as we are set on naming the third with her grandmother's name, to break the pattern would drive me crazy. I think it's more important to love the first name. a lot.

    The frontrunners right now are these:

    Isla - We adore old names, but I'm not sure if it's okay to use Isla, as we're not Scottish. German and Norwegian and Welsh, but not Scottish. Would you name your child a name with an obvious heritage that you weren't a part of? I also am concerned that Isla may sound too pretty for pretty's sake, without the knowlege of the name's history. I feel this way about Mia, Ella, Mya etc. as "a" ending names. They seem pretty but empty, without looking up the meaning. For me personally! Please realize I mean no offense. Does Isla seem too pretty to you all?

    Anna - is lovely. I love love it but with Lee... I am concerned about Anna Lee. Anally being a teasing source in high school. Pretty bad association, obviously. Would that stop any of you? Secondly, we have an Anna newborn of a vague friend who will be in her class someday. I suppose it would be alright if I asked the mom first... Would you?

    other potentials:


    Love names with a "V" somewhere, old origins, the four letter name is nice (to go with with the sisters, but not a requirement).

    Any suggestions? You guys have amazing name knowledge! I would love brutal opinions on any of the issues raised or names. No being offended here!

    Oh, and just for fun... our boy names list which will not see the light of day!:

    Reuben, Griffin, Thomas, Micah, Benjamin, Luke, Bram, Bastian, Peter, Henry


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    Isla- I don't think a name's origin matters if you love it. I think Isla is great, but it is too close to Leah in my opinion.
    Anna- Agree that Anna Lee is not the best combo.
    I LOVE Marian or Mirren especially with Lee.
    I like Georgia or Drew.
    I don't think Brynn, Liv, or Adele (Adele Lee=a deli) work with the middle name Lee at all.
    The other names are just not my style.
    Good luck!

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    I think Anna Lee is gorgeous and would never even have thought of anally. I have a friend who named her child this and think it is so pretty. My favorite on your list is Mary, but Mary Lee sounds like Merrily.

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    I love Arden and Seren. I think Isla is fine even though you're not Scottish!

    If you like Anna, what about something like Annika or Annia? They'd go nicely with your other girls' names, and Annika works with your German/Norwegian side.

    Otherwise, maybe Kaia, Petra, Sylvie, Martina?

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    I really like Mary and Anna. Isla is nice too, but I hear it so much lately. Might not be a problem in your area...Do your other girls go by their first and middle name? Would you plan on calling her Anna Lee or just Anna? I don't think the teasing would be an issue at all if she just went by Anna. Kids don't usually know their classmates middle names right? It's a pretty combo. I've always thought Annaleigh was a pretty name, but I wouldn't use it because of the teasing potential. I wouldn't think twice about using Anna Lee if I wanted though.

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