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    Thoughts on our choices? Boy and Girl

    Mother to Vesper and Ondine

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    I like Ambrose and Renata.
    Mom to Sylvia Caron and Linus Roman

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    Vesper is an unusual name so I think the names I hear the least in real life are Sylvan and Renata. I love the saint names of Ambrose and Isidore but they may be too conservative with a sister named Vesper. Vesper and Winter are too matchy as are Bernadette and Severine. Maude is clunky and Sigourney is too strongly associated with the actress.
    All the best,

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    I absolutely adore Ambrose! Its one of my favorites, but I don't know if I'd dare use it in real life. I'd swoon if I heard it on a little boy!

    From the girls I definitely like Bernadette and Sigourney the most... Since you like Isidore have you considered Isadora? I love love love Isadora!
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    Please PM me any suggestions for names that are strong and smart, vibrant and vivid!

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    Cool names! To go with Vesper, I prefer

    Boy - Ambrose Arthur (super handsome and uncommon yet still familiar) or Sylvan Arthur
    Girl - Renata Allison

    Good luck!

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