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Thread: Hudson ?

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    Jul 2013

    Hudson ?

    I heard the name Hudson for a girl and really like it. Wdyt?

    Hudson Beatrice
    Hudson Caroline
    Hudson Elizabeth

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    Jan 2010
    No. Not at all. I love your middle name suggestions, but detest Hudson.

    Sorry about that.

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    I love Hudson on boys. I think it's far too masculine for a girl. Sorry

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    My first thought was like Kate Hudson. I am not a fan of surnames as first names though so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I think the other berries have it right. Leave this one for the boys, but your middle name choices are darling.
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    I can't see it for a girl at all. Your middle name choices are lovely, but no matter how feminine a middle name is, it doesn't make up for a super masculine name on a girl.

    Regardless of people's preferences, some surname names can indeed be unisex. Hudson isn't one of them though. Might as well name her David.

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