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Thread: Help help help!

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    I like Lilah the best with Archie. I think they flow well together and are both great names. I like Luna, not sure if I like it with Archie, but I do like it.

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    Nov 2012
    Archie is adorable! I like Delilah but not a fan of that with Archie at all.

    Lilah, Lola, and Eva would all be beautiful! I have never met an Eva or lilah but have met one little Lola.
    Good luck!!

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    Delilah is a sweet name and great with Archie. Lola and Eva are also great picks! Tallulah is also one of my favorite names. I think it's fine with Archie if you love it! Lulu and Archie is adorable!
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    My favourite is Luna! I think Luna & Archie sound great : )

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    What about Lela? The sound is kind of in between Lola and Eva, and it's got the Ls you seem to really like!

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