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    Difficult! They are both the perfect combination of sweet, strong, gentle, and old-fashioned I just adore. I prefer neglected, underused Thomas however. I also rather like the character Doubting Thomas in the bible -- I like the idea of the story encouraging a child to ask questions and think critically :]

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    Both names are great but I love Samuel out of the two. You can't go wrong with either name. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkrd View Post
    I prefer Thomas to Samuel, but Sam to Tom by such a degree that I'd opt for Samuel (also, it's a really great Bible story).
    Same goes for me, here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by axps123 View Post
    Samuel! I like Thomas, but it means "twin,"
    I know a twin named Tommy! Awesome. I never knew that... ha.

    Anyway, I prefer Thomas. I like how it sounds. Sam makes me think of Lord of the Rings...
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    Thomas! Yep, both are great names but Thomas clinches it for me as I have a relative called Samuel. I also prefer Tom to Sam. But wouldn't Samuel and Thomas would make great twin names? Both 6-letter, 2-syllable biblical names, both Beatrix Potter characters and Thomas means TWIN! I really want someone to have twin boys now so I can suggest that to them

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