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    If you want something less popular, Clementine and Sophia are wonderful, and Clementine is a much-talked about but less-used alternative. Violet is exceptionally popular, and Marlowe doesn't really fit in with the feminine Sophia, and is one of those celeb/trendy names.
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    Violet - I like this name a lot
    Clementine - I like this as well
    Marlowe - not so much, reminds me of Christopher Marlowe
    Too many favourites to put all in one place.
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    I love the name Clementine and so I am slightly biased. Other names that jumped into my head were Vivienne and Penelope which both sound great as a sibset.
    Here are some suggestions: (the fn and mn can be switched around)
    Penelope Violet
    Marlowe Vivienne
    Clementine Penelope
    Artemis Violet
    Florence Clementine

    Hope this helped!

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    Clementine is one of my most cherished names, but I agree that Violet and Sophia make a lovely pair.

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    I think Violet is definitely the best with Sophia. Lovely name to boot. Marlowe comes second - I like it, but it doesn't go with Sophia as well.

    I will go down kicking and screaming about Clementine. I know it's a favorite on here but it just so country bumpkin to me, and I don't know how an adult named Clementine could be taken seriously.

    Good luck!

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