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    Violet vs Clementine vs Marlowe

    Hey girls,

    Any thoughts on the names Violet, Clementine or Marlowe? Would love to hear some feedback including middle names if you can. I already have a Sophia. Thank you

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    Violet and Sophia would make a perfect pair. Marlowe is too unisex to match such a feminine name, and the popularity gap between Clementine and Sophia is too extreme. Violet Marlowe would make a lovely combination, however.
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    Lol that's my number one choice and combo but I'm trying to see if other pple have better suggestions that I haven't thought of thanks for replying!

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    Also I regret how popular Sophia is and was thinking I should name something that I don't hear often...would Sophia and Marlowe work like those singing sisters named Lennon and Maisie?

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    I would drop Marlowe first and find it difficult to pick between the other two! Marlowe feels less classic.

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