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    Quote Originally Posted by kashed22 View Post
    Sebastian, no contest. It's timeless and classic, whereas I see Paxton as very trendy. Have you considered the nn Ian for Sebastian?
    Yes! Love Sebastian

    Edit: I saw Ash listed as a nn for Sebastian on another thread maybe that could be an option?
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    Thanks for the responses, folks. Looks like more of you are in favor of Sebastian. We've got a little over 3 months to decide.

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    I absolutely love the name Sebastian! And I agree, it'd be a shame to shorten it. (I don't like any of the nicknames either.)
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    Definitely Sebastian. It's a classic and is also one of my favourite names.

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    Sebastian comes with many bonuses that Paxton lacks. It's a name of great depth and ancient history, a name of saints and literary characters. Paxton just can't hold a candle to Sebastian. I don't find the harsh sound very appealing either.
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