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    First name for middle Nina?

    Looking for advice/opinions for a first name to go nicely with a middle name of Nina. This is our 4th baby and Nina will keep up with the tradition of giving our children a family middle name. Thanks!!!!

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    Nina is a difficult middle to pair with but I will give a try.

    Do you like classic names?

    If so how about :

    Penelope Nina
    Eleanor Nina
    Daphne Nina
    Imogen Nina
    Caroline Nina
    Beatrice Nina
    Rosalie Nina

    If you like more unusual, please tell me and I will give you.

    It will also help if you give us your other kid names.
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    As PP said, it would help a lot to know your other kids' names to get a feel for your style. Here are some names in the style of Nina:

    Isabel Nina
    Zoe Nina
    Carmen Nina (normally I don't like when the last letter of the first name is the same as the first letter of the middle, but here it works I think...Carmel Nina could also work)
    Miriam Nina
    Aubrey Nina
    Eden Nina
    Danielle Nina
    Camille Nina
    Zara Nina
    Angeline Nina
    Violet Nina
    Cecily Nina
    Zephyr Nina, Zephyrine Nina
    Amedeo Ariel Dmitri Enjolras
    Artemis Cicely Elisabeth Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Rosalie Titania

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