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    1 Syllable Middle Name for Madden

    Due very soon and need some help...

    We had Madden Jett, Madden Rieve, Madden Jace, Madden Dane...

    For giggles, anyone out there like JETT MADDEN better?

    Taking all suggestions for 1 syllable middle names.

    Thank you.

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    Jul 2013
    I like your very masculine name choices and Madden is cute! I like animal names as middle names and regal sounding names so here are a few ideas:-
    Madden Fox
    Madden Kit
    Madden Duke
    Madden Wolf
    Madden Walt
    Madden Jack
    Madden Fred

    Hope this helped!

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    My first thought was also Madden Fox.
    But you could also go more traditional with the middle and do something like Madden George.

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    I like Madden as a fn better than Jett. Madden Rieve is my favorite from what you listed. My own ideas using your style as a springboard...

    Madden Zeke
    Madden Gray
    Madden Luke
    Madden Bryce
    Madden Kai
    Madden Whit
    Madden Ry
    Madden Leif
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