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    Mar 2013
    In my family there's me- Taylor Louise and my siblings:

    On my moms side:
    Haylie Jade
    Jena Ann
    Reece Craig

    On my dads side:
    Kyler Gene
    Defghan Kerrence (pronounced Devin)
    Gabrielle Michele

    I have no biological siblings. Only half and step. Kyler and Defghan are my step brothers the rest are half siblings. I'm the oldest on both sides and there's a 13 year age gap between me and my youngest sibling, Reece.
    Mommy to: Samuel Elliot ~5/4/10~
    Lydia Jane ~9/15/13~

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    I have two sisters - here we are in order

    Lucia (loo-sha) Elisabet "Lisa/Lucia/Lulu"
    Sara Helena
    Anna (ah-nah) Katrine
    Proud Tante to beautiful princess and a handsome prince

    Girls - Emma Rose Audrey, Amelia Kimberlin, Helena Anneliese, Priscilla Imogen, Lavinia Opal, Elsa Lorraine, Kerensa Violet, Agatha Lucille, Lela Hannelore, Celia Evangeline, Jordana Ivy, Zuzana Bethany, Cassia, Bettina, Linnea, Annora/Aurora

    Boys - a work in progress

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    I am Abigail Renee and he is Alexander Blake.
    That is all.
    you can call me gail

    □cecilia, kay, agnes, rosemary "rosie"□
    ■george, philip, thomas, bruno, james, joseph■
    ◊guilty pleasures: della, philomena, magdalene, sullivan, caspar, mack, franklin◊

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    My parents had a pattern with names...the 1st child would be AB, the 2nd would be BC, and so on.
    My sisters and I are:
    Abigail "Abby"
    Beatrix "Trixie"
    Charlotte "Charlie"
    Dianna "Annie"
    Abigail "Abby", Beatrix "Trixie", Charlotte "Charlie", Dianna "Annie" Sisters 4 Life <3

    Top Two Combos: Violet Moon and Harrison Pike "Harry"

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    I like this thread. I'm Jaylyn Emilia (Emilia is my mom, she's half-Mexican, and Jaylyn is a combo name: Jake+Linda), and my younger brother is Micah James. James is our grandpa

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