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    Me : Jessica Paige Montana -----
    Brother: Ralph Brett Micheal -----

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    I have a half sister and brother called Rebecca and James. I don't know whether they have middle names, they were adopted by my Dad and his first wife. They are 8 & 12 years older than me, and never lived with me, so we're not close - I class myself as an only child. For reference, my name is Sophie Grace Margaret, all family names.
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    My family is a bit huge! I have three sisters and six brothers.

    In birth order:
    Adam Jensen
    Bryce Lemuel
    Jennifer - me!
    Tennyson Andrew
    Bridger Enoch
    Christopher Ryan
    Brandon Elias

    My husband has six siblings - Justin Kimball, Steven James, Aaron Richard, Nathan Scott, Kevin David, and Erica. Yup, only one girl!
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    |[ Griffin Thomas 12/9/2011 ]|

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    I have two siblings, a brother and a sister.
    Amris Beth nickname Ami
    Roger Perry, goes by RP, Perry, and Roger. It's a tad confusing in his case, lol.

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    My siblings names are (first and middle):

    Shaun Robert
    Christian John
    Christopher Andrew
    Karl Alan
    Kurt William
    Shelby Cobra
    and myself, Shay Brookes

    My kids names are:

    Bosco Ray
    Duane Lee Giles
    Jarvis Alan
    Scotia Ellen

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