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Thread: Opinions

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    Trying to find some fresh ideas for my girls lists and would like to know what you think about these? Not full combo's because I normally use 2 middle name combo's so if you have ideas for those that would be perfect!

    Aurora Elodie
    Pippa Eloise
    Coral Valentina or Seren Valentina
    Romilly Imogen or Romilly Sophia

    Also, is Harlow just too celebrity/trendy? I'm crushing it on it right now and I know I shouldn't lol!
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    LOVE Romilly! Don't like Sophia or Imogen that much, but Romilly Sophia is nice.

    Aurora Elodie is swoon worthy.

    I think Harlow is trendy.
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    Aurora Elodie - Love Aurora, don't love Elodie- I just hear the Odie and it reminds me of the dog on Garfield.
    Pippa Eloise- Very nice individual names and combo.
    Coral Valentina or Seren Valentina- Like both of these, Seren a bit more than Coral though
    Romilly Imogen or Romilly Sophia- Hating Romilly, a lot. Sorry!
    Norah- Very pretty, my favorite on the list
    Olwen- Very Lord of the Rings vibe, if thats your thing, go for it, if not, I would say its a hard name to have
    Lilou- Too "little girl nn" and made-up looking
    Harlow- trendy but really sweet

    Norah and Pippa Eloise are my favorites!

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    Aurora Elodie - This is nice!
    Pippa Eloise- Another nice one.
    Coral Valentina or Seren Valentina- Coral Valentina is a bit tongue-twister-y to me, from all the repeating sounds. Seren is better, but NMS.
    Romilly Imogen or Romilly Sophia- I agree with PP, Romilly just sounds bad to me, sorry.
    Norah- Very nice.
    Olwen- NMS, Bronwen though is gorgeous.
    Lilou- I don't like this at all.
    Harlow- NMS.

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    Love Aurora Elodie and Romilly Sophia - fabulous combos!

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