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    Middle names for Eva

    Hi - I know this question has been asked multiple times in this forum. But I am going to ask it again and check your opinions.

    DH & I are expecting a baby girl next month. We have decided on the name "Eva" to be pronounced "Ee-va".

    We are still undecided on middle names. So far our top choice is "Simone".

    I will appreciate your opinions and also any other ideas.


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    Eva Simone is a strong name, intelligent, perhaps lacking in warmth. But the nn Evie is very cute, and would resolve that issue for me. Other options, Eva Valentina, Eva Valeska, Eva Sebastienne, Eva Isolde, Eva Lysandra, Eva Seraphine.

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    Wow, Eva Simone is beautiful! I love it!

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    Eva Simone is beautiful. Don't think you need any alternates.
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    Eva Simone is such a stunning combo, they delight each other
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