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    I think the judge went too far. If the parents agree on the first name there was no reason for her to change it. Although I think Messiah is a bit of a crazy name to use, that's their choice to make not the judges. I hope they win the apeal.

    As far as going to court over the surname goes, I know someone that had to. His ex left him for someone else when she was 8 months pregnant and he had to fight for his son to have his surname.
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    That's wrong. I don't think that the judge had any right to have her child renamed just because it upset her beliefs. I'm with the mom on this one.
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    I agree with the judge that the name is inappropriate and could cause problems for the kid in the future. BUT... she overstepped her bounds here. The baby's first name isn't her choice--it's the choice of the parents. They will most likely win on appeal. I mean, 762 kids were given the name last year. It's not like it's unheard of.
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    I know! I agree the name is tacky and in poor taste, but the judge does not have the right to change the name. I am a devout Christian, but I am not offended by this. It just makes me roll my eyes.

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