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    I really like Noa, but Nola and Romy are also sweet. If you don't mind three syllables, Romilly is similar and adorable: Romilly and Ever?

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    My favorite on your list is Nola and it solves the Noah and misspelled Nora issues

    Nola Serephine is beautiful.

    I also really like Romy. Romy Corinne is lovely.
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    I like Marlo Seraphine or Nola Corrine. Instead of Zoe, what about Zora, Zara, or Zola?
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    I love Zoe and Ever as sisters! I don't think it's trendy at all.

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    I love Noa. I wish my dh would consider it. Zoe is okay, but fairly trendy at least in my area, whereas I've never heard of Ever on a real person.

    I agree that Noa needs a longer, feminine middle name.

    Noa Katherine
    Noa Camille
    Noa Genevieve
    Noa Estelle
    Noa Rebecca
    Noa Delphine
    Noa Amaranthe
    Noa Felicity
    Noa Emmeline
    Noa Evangeline
    Noa Adelaide
    Noa Danielle
    Noa Francesca
    Noa Clementine
    Noa Christine
    Noa Corinne (prefer this spelling to Corrine)
    Noa Lucinda

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