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    Theodore Paul! I love it! BTW, there is a teenage Forest next door to us - no nickname, just Forest. He wears it well. I have a soft-spot for Teddy, though, so that is what I chose from your list. It was on my list, but my husband vetoed it.


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    Porter would be my last choice on this list...

    Theodore Paul would be my first!
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    Porter Paul sounds funny with alliteration, Walter Paul is a little "l" heavy, and Forest Paul...just isn't as elegant as Theodore Paul. I like the nn Theo; I think a Ted/Teddy is liable to get teased, and the only Taj I've ever encountered was a girl.
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    My favourites, in order, are Theodore (love, love, love this), then Walter followed by Forest. Please don't use Porter. That's someone who fetches your bags. The other choices are infinitely better.

    Good luck!

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    Theodore Paul! It's a strong name. I like NN Theo a bit more than Teddy, but only because if he's Teddy, he'll grow up to be Ted (and I despise the NN Ted).
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