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    Yes I know we like weird narrow them down

    Ok, right now we have a list of a few names and we would like to come up with a great combo. The names we choose are a bit unusual and I am well aware of that...but we love them . Here is our running list...

    Burly or Burlington (nn Burly)

    Middle Names

    Delaney (family name dad's)
    Lyon (family name mom's)

    All three of the other kids have family names as middles so far 2 from mom's and 1 from dad's family.

    Another couple of names we have thrown out there a like are Seamus and Huck

    So far the combos we have made are...

    Linux Delaney Lyon (not opposed to 2 middles)
    Burlington Delaney (nn Burly)
    Henley Lyon

    Burlington is somewhat new to us and is pretty formal sounding but it solves the problem of Burly Delaney or Burly Lyon...and he could go by Burlington when is older if he wanted too.

    I know I have a bit of time till this baby gets here I just would like to have something decided on

    PS We call him little bear or brother bear currently

    Have fun!
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    Henley Lyon would be my pick, Burlington reminds me too much of the store chain and Linux reminds me of the computer operating system
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    Ha! Linux is after the computer operating system...hubby is a web developer..yep we are nerdy!
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    Mom to Emma Charli, Liam Wallace, and Maeby Koryn

    Expecting Baby Boy #2 in November 2013!

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    I'm really liking the sound of Linux Delaney! I prefer it without the second middle of Lyon, as that just causes a tongue-twister for me. Henley Lyon is close behind though!

    The only one I would nix is Burlington if you are stern about using nn Burly. It's such a negative adjective and I would feel bad for any child that has to carry it. Burlington does remind me of the store, but I could get behind it a lot more if nn Burly wasn't involved.

    Seamus is great as well and Seamus Delaney is basically perfect. Huck is a little too overly-macho-man for me.

    EDIT: Just noticing you have a Liam. Henley it is for me then!

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    Not a fan of Linux as I prefer Linus. I think Henley Lyon is quite nice.

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