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Thread: A new find

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    Jul 2011

    A new find

    DH was surprisingly open to talking about names the other night and he may have offered a gem. I mentioned I love the name Flynn but we can't use it because of another family member. He mentioned that the name Flint has significance in his family history.

    So I ask you this... What do you think of Flint? Is it a wearable first name? Be open and honest please! I'm trying to decide if it could be a real contender should this little one be a boy. Thanks!

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    Yes! Thumbs up!

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    Flint sounds cool to me!
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    It's encouraging to see a couple positive comments! Its such a new idea on this end...
    Any other reactions, good or bad, to Flint? Thanks!

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    Flint is very usable. Thumbs up from me.
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