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    Red face Honest opinions on Solomon....

    Will it age well? Could you see someone with this name? what middle name would go? liking Wolf or Court(family name)
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    It's nms, but it's a strong name, and I can see it ageing well. Solomon Wolf or Solomon Court are both great names.
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    I've known Solomons. It ages well, in that I think it is at it's oddest on a baby, less odd on a kid, and perfectly wearable on a grown man all the way to old age.

    Solomon Wolf is actually my middle name and my brother's middle name together so I don't hate it but it jarred me when I saw it.

    I will say a surprising number of people seem to have issues with spelling Solomon and I get Saloman, Soloman, etc. like they can't believe it's ALL o's for vowels or something.

    My favourite middles with it are all one syllable: Solomon Rhys, Solomon Piers, Solomon Hale, etc. So Solomon Wolf and Solomon Court both work for me, though I think I'd like Cael (said like kale) better than Court.

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    I think Solomon Wolf is a wonderful combo! I love the name Solomon!

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    I don't like Solomon at all D: I think it should stay in the 1930s.
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