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Thread: Seamus?

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    Is it cruel to name a boy in the South (U.S.) Seamus? Will people know how to pronounce it? Is it too unusual? I love it, but I'm a little afraid of how people will react. Thoughts?


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    I'm from the south and I love it! I do think that most people would have trouble pronouncing it, but it would definitely be unique (at least where I'm from.)
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    Same here (from the south, love it). I'm also of Irish descent though, so I've always liked names of Celtic origin. Depending upon where in the South you are from, you might find more or less difficulty with pronunciation.

    The only caveat with the name is that sometimes it can come out as "Shame-us" with a thick drawl. I don't really see it as a problem though.

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    I think this would be an issue all someones life....people not pronouncing his name right.

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    If we can grasp Sean, I'm pretty sure we can grasp Seamus.

    For what it's worth, I know a little guy named Seamus and he does just fine with his name.
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