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    Cair Paravel :)
    I like Emmett, but I love Everett. Emmett is more MN material for me. I can just see me with an Everett and I love the image I get of a little boy with the name. I love the occasional nn of Ev, and the option of Ever and Rhett if he wanted it. I love the imagery of New England that I get, of forested mountain ranges and roasting marshmallows with grandpa and patriotism and an eloquent orator-senator fighting for the rights of African Americans in the 1850s and 1860s. I just love Everett, I think it's fab. Emmett is nice, but it doesn't compare to Everett at all, imo.
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    I prefer Emmett. I just can't picture a boy liking being named Everett. Maybe the Ever at the beginning throws me off, because it sounds kind of feminine to me. And it sounds too preppy or posh for me. I really like the sound and look of Emmett too. Neither of them are my style, but I much prefer Emmett.
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    The Em/Emma thing for Emmett doesn't seem any worse to me than the Ev/Evvie/Evie thing for Everett? To be fair I don't think Eva/Evie/Everly/Evelyn ruin Everett... but neither do I think Emma/Emily ruin Emmett. Or matter at all, really.

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    I like both, but prefer Everett.
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    I prefer Emmett. It was an option when I was pregnant with our youngest son but we went with Eamon instead. Still really like the name though

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