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    Everett vs. Emmett

    Which do you prefer and why?

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    We are considering Everett in naming our boy. To me it has an air of sophistication and old world charm. Emmett seems more fun and playful and reminds me of football-great Emmitt Smith.

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    I prefer Everett to Emmett. I just like the way Everett sounds when I say it out loud, and it has a cool feel to me. While Emmett sounds a tad awkward when I say it (probably just me). I guess the spelling throws me off too, theres no spelling I love for Emmett. Again just me personally. I agree with PP it seems more fun and playful though

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    I like both a lot, but I prefer Everett. Cant say why really, I just love saying it. For some reason, I picture Emmett as a bit of a nerd. No idea why. If African-American history/the civil rights movement means anything to you however, I like the connection to Emmett Till. Sad story but an important one.

    I do see Everett as becoming more popular/trendy though.

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    I think both are great choices, Everett has a strong sound and old fashioned charm while Emmett sounds like an athletic boy.
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