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    Opinions on our name list please.

    We're due this December with a little boy. We are having a hard time coming up with a name we agree on. The last name will be Harmon, and it is surprisingly hard to find names that sound well with it. A lot of names ending in "n" just don't sound great (we have some on our list because they were impossible to avoid all together). The middle name will be Rick, after my dad who passed away (not Richard, his legal name was Rick), which makes it harder still.

    Here is what we have so far. We haven't found anything that we LOVE. Or even just like a lot. Help, please!

    Names we both at least sort of like:
    Lucas (my favorite, he is just okay with it)
    Owen (his favorite, I am just okay with it)
    Max (although we aren't crazy about any of the long forms)
    Oliver (everyone else we know hates this name)
    Benjamin (we can't use this name, however)

    Names I like that he doesn't care for:

    Names he likes that I don't particularly care for:
    Jaxon (N.O. NO)

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    Those names ending in -n seem to not be a good fit with your last name. I feel Lucas works better than Owen. I also feel multi-syllable first names are a must on account of middle name "Rick". You've got some time to find some common ground. I'll suggest some other options:

    Nicholas Rick
    Caleb Rick
    Andrew Rick
    Carter Rick
    Bennett Rick

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    favorite names:

    Jane Cosima or Jane Casimira | Fiona Carys Ann | Gwyneth Carissa or Gwyneth Cosima|
    Naomi | Thea | Evangeline | Teagan | Louisa

    Owen Drake or Owen Casimir | Benjamin Drake | Bennett Dylan | Asher | Dylan | Griffin| Nolan | Everett | Reid | Drake | Odin | Kieran
    Saying I do- 5/17/14 | wttc April 2015
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    I really like:

    Owen Rick
    Oliver Rick
    Nolan Rick

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    Would you consider a name with Rick in it after your dad, like Frederick? Frederick Blank Harmon, nn Freddie or Rick, or Blank Frederick Harmon. Or are you 100% on Rick as the middle?

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