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    Help me pick between these 7 boys' names!

    We have great girls' names to choose from, but are at a loss for boys' names. Here is our top 7. Which do you like and why? Our last name starts with a V and is hard to pronounce. Thanks!


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    You have some wonderful names on your list. Charles, Thomas and Lucas would be the classic trio I would choose. These names are timeless and they buck every trend and cannot be pigeonholed into any period. If you want something more modern, Grant would be my choice. I prefer the Philip spelling with one l (Phillip looks more like a surname rather than a first name to me).
    All the best,

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    Phillip - I prefer one L. this name is ok but I don't really like Phil, and Pip is way too cutesy for me.
    Lucas - not my favorite, but ok. has nn options of Luca/Luke.
    Nolan - nice.
    Simon - nice.
    Thomas - I love Thomas, don't love Tom though :/
    Grant - handsome.
    Charles - like Charlie a lot.

    Whether you plan to use a nickname or not, and whether you like the nicknames for each, would be a deciding factor for me. With no nicknames, I like Thomas, Grant, Simon, and Nolan. However, with a nickname I would choose Charlie over Tom.

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    I like Simon because it sounds smart and is not too common, while still being easily recognizable. Also like Grant.

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    Grant stands out on this list for me. Grant doesn't lend itself to too many nicknames, however. Also like Thomas and Charles.

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