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    Dutch/Afrikaans girls' names?

    I am looking for girls' names of Dutch or Afrikaans origin that will play well in the UK.

    Me and my partner (who is a South African expat) are currently discussing names for a potential baby and we would like some inspiration.

    I'm really looking forward to reading your replies!

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    Don't know about Afrikaans but as for Dutch: Saskia, Janneke, Marika, Senna, Anouk, Wilhelmina, Hendrika, Elisabet, Doutzen, Annike, Ilsa/Ilse, Mariel, Famke
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    Behati? I'm not really familiar with Dutch or Afrikaans names, but isn't Behati Prinsloo from South Africa? I thought I'd heard that it was the Afrikaans form of Beatrice. I personally wouldn't use it, as I find it too iconic of the model, but a lot of people seem to love it.
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    @bibliophile: Thanks. We like Saskia and Senna.

    @ashthedreamer: According to my partner Behati is a very exotic name. He's never heard of it before.

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    Dutch Names and Nicknames & English Equivalent

    Some nice info on this website for Dutch names...
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