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    Count-Along Game

    Create a family by answering questions! Below is a namebank for boys and girls. You'll answer a question and count along how many letters are in your answer-- for example: yellow=count along 6, cat=3. Some answers may be numbers, in that case, just count along the number, not the number of letters (11=count along 11, not 6 for the letters in eleven). You'll pick up where you left off, do not go back to the beginning! However, if you count through ALL of the names before the game is over, you will need to continue back at the beginning.

    LN: Count along the number of letters in your last name

    Roberts, Hill, Lawson, Bennett, Mendez, Calhoun, Wallace, Lopez, Tolliver, Nichols, Kaminsky, Lewis, Gallagher, Fallon, Schuler, Abbott

    DH: FN: Count along the fifth number of your phone number; MN: Count along the color of shirt your are wearing
    DW: FN: Count along 5 if you are barefoot, 9 if you're wearing socks only, 13 if you are wearing shoes, 2 if you are wearing slippers; MN: Count along your dominant hand

    DS1: FN: Count along your favorite pizza topping; MN: Count along the hour it is right now
    DS2: FN: Count along the month you were born; MN: Count along your favorite holiday
    DD1/DD2: FN1: Count along your age; MN1: Count along the day of the week it is; FN2: Count along the last thing you had to drink; MN2: Count along the last number of your address
    DD3: FN: Count along your mother's middle name; MN: Count along your favorite popsicle flavor (Count along 1 if you don't like popsi
    DS3: FN: Count along your favorite animal; MN: Count along your favorite boy name
    DS4: FN: Count along your best friend's last name; MN: Count along the last place you went on vacation
    DD4/DS5: FN1: Count along the total of the year you were born (ex: 1955= 1+9+5+5=20); MN1: Count along your eye color; FN2: Count along your favorite subject from school; MN2: Count along the number of siblings you have (Count along 8 if you are an only child);

    Declan, Timothy, Landon, Owen, Roman, Gavin, Colt, Damon, Jace, Remington, Gannyn, Alexander, Grant, Jayden, Patrick, Jameson, Connor, Clayton, Ethan, Liam, Jonathan, Cooper, Hayden, Carter, Devin, Chase, John, Austin, Wyatt, Jackson, Emmett, Reese, Mason, Keyan, Gabriel, Carson, Reid, Cash, Ryder, Micah, Lucas, Aiden, Ahkiem, Noah, Conner, Greyson, Thomas, Jasper, Tristan, Conrad, Mark, Aundree, Alric, Ander, Andrew, Jensen, Ernest, Tanner, Jaymen, Camden, Peter, Spencer, Samuel, Robert, Brayden, Braxston, Elijah, Jacob, Magnus, Casey, Harold, Case, Cody, Brantley, Trayten, Gannon, Tatum, Brody, Caden, Leon, Marshall, Sawyer, Axelle, Garrison, Hiram, Bronx, Tucker, Ronald, Asher, Zeb, Harlon, Brenten, Decker, Isaac, Nolan, Wilson, Blake, Adrien, Howard, Paxton, Bronson, David, Weston, Miles, Reese, Charles, Keith, Indi, Nathan, Maddox

    Alexandria, Raelynn, Emily, Annabelle, Kassidy, Avery, Macee, Mila, Delaney, Sierra, Kylie, Madelyn, Allie, Autumn, Grace, Kennedy, Natalie, Makayla, Kensington, Ellie, Josephine, Christina, Maura, Sofia, Peyton, Charlotte, Cora,Riley, Magdylan, Kaori, Harper, Rachel, Alexa, Hailey, Corrie, Isolde, Evelyn, Ainsley, Morgan, Lola, Nadine, Isabella, Bexlee, Lilly, McKinley, Addison, Presley, Khloee, Ivy, Lydia, Eloise, Shelby, Clara, Arihanna, Giavonna, Giulia, Penelope, Braelyn, Torin, Venice, Willow, Ariyah, Olivia, Hazel, Aubrey, Millie, Alaina, Nellie, Gracelynn, Hollynd, Leah, Jadence, Zakiyah, Kalista, Adalyn, Elizabeth, Stella, Geneva, Paisley, Abigail, Linley, Tayla, Adilene, Henley, Taylynn, Ana, Charlee, Leanne, Everlyn, Keira, Sadie, Carleigh, Yvonne, Aleah, Kaislee, Leila, Bristol, Jada, Addlie, Rubianne, Brokelle, Violet, Rosalie, Aurora, Ava, Ellie-May, Kenzie, Xylia, Asia, Kreelynn, Thea
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    LN: Lewis

    DH: Timothy Colt
    DW: Kassidy Sierra

    DS1: Clayton Hayden
    DS2: Wyatt Cash
    DD1/DD2: Isolde Bexlee / Khloee Ivy
    DD3: Clara Torin
    DS3: Lucas Greyson
    DS4: Aundree Spencer
    DD4/DS5: Taylynn Everlyn / Magnus Case

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    LN: Calhoun
    DH: Landon Colt
    DW: Kassidy Sierra

    DS1: Jameson Jonathan "JJ"
    DS2: Wyatt Cash
    DD1/DD2: Eloise Braelyn & Olivia Nellie "Liva"
    DD3: Adalyn Abigail "Ada"
    DS3: Greyson Mark "Grey"
    DS4: Tanner Cody "TC"
    DD4/DS5: Rubianne Ava & Leon Axelle "Rubi & Leo"

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    The Bennett fam

    DH: Jace Alexander
    DW: Kassidy Sierra

    DS1: Clayton Cooper
    DS2: Jackson Ryder
    DD1/DD2: Corrie Isabella/Clara Hazel
    DD3: Nellie Zakyah
    DS3: Noah Tristan
    DS4: Alric Peter
    DD4/DS5: Carleigh Bristol / Jacob Gannon

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