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    Your thoughts on the names in my signature?

    hey fine lookin' Berries,

    Just wondering what your thoughts are of the names in my signature.

    Audrey Bird
    Charlotte Fleur
    Margaret Hope

    Franklin James
    Henry Thomas
    Oliver Robin

    Thank you!
    Lee, blackbird.

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    The only two names I don't like are Bird and Robin. I really love the others. Charlotte Fleur and Franklin James are my favorite.

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    South Australia
    The only combo I don't like I Audrey Bird. Separately I like both names but the combo just doesn't do it for me. I like all the other combos on your list my favourites are definitely Charlotte Fleur and Franklin James.
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    Audrey Bird - I dislike this one the most out of all 6 combos. I get that Audrey is trendy everywhere else in the English-speaking world, but it will forever remind me of wrinkly old Audrey Roberts off of Cornonation Street *shiver*. And Bird doesn't do anything for me.
    Charlotte Fleur - Very pretty! And she'd go by Lottie? Gorgeous! My favourite girl combo.
    Margaret Hope - I still find Margaret a little clunky on a baby/girl, but it's a solid name. Hope is lovely with it.

    Franklin James - I really love James, even in the middle. Franklin sounds very American to my ears (FDR?). I much prefer Francis, Frank or Frankie.
    Henry Thomas - Total love. I adore both names so I think this is a fantastic combo
    Oliver Robin - Very handsome too. Henry & Oliver work so well together as brothers.
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    Audrey Bird - too harsh with the pronounced d's and b
    Charlotte Fleur - Very pretty! My fave.
    Margaret Hope - this combo flows well

    Franklin James - A wonderful vintage and classic pairing!
    Henry Thomas - The two names are fine but Henry Thomas was a well-known child actor in the Spielbert film E.T.
    Oliver Robin - All I hear is a fruit and a bird (Olive Thomas).
    All the best,

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