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Thread: Noa vs. Sloane

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    How about Sloane (middle name here) Noa (your last name)?
    Sloane Gabrielle Noa Smith

    Because I really don't like Noa in any spelling for a girl, but you're using it for a great reason.
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    I love Sloane. I'd like to mix around your list and guest Sloane Juliet! That was one of our too contenders

    Slane Adele is nice too.

    Noa seems incomplete without an "h", so I don't care for it. Noel is a better option to me.

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    Noa all the way! i think its lovely. Sloane has really negative associations in the UK, so you might want to bear that in mind if you think she might spend any time over here.
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    Noa Adele! Sloane sounds so harsh to me.
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    Noa Adele! The sounds in Sloane evoke unpleasant words for me: lonely and slippery and moan. Noa is pretty and fresh.

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