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    If you had the option would you change your username?

    I would. Either correct the spelling ebenezer.scrooge or change to ebonyanne or ebie778822 or ebsie_anne, but i don't see much point in starting again just to change one letter. The other three are my first and middle name, the username I use for a lot and ebsie_anne my nickname and middle name. If you could change your username what two and why?
    Isobel*Eloise*Matilda*Alice*Eleanor*Amelia*Elena* Mirabel* Felicity* Phoebe*Tallaulah*Eilidh*Rosalia*Roisin*Azalea*Elsa *
    Eamon*Tiago*Cooper*Jack*Jago*Flynn*Archer*Lincoln* Asher*Alfie*Taylor* Finnian* Baxter* Lawson*Jasper*Deacon*Lewis*

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    I would love to change my username, but at this point I would hate to "start over." If I were to change my username right now it would probably be zebulon, which has personal significance...
    ♂ | Samuel ◊ Edward ◊ George ◊ Arthur ◊ Ezra ◊ Dean ◊ Micah ◊ Gideon ◊ Tobias ◊ Jasper
    ♀ | Helen ◊ Cora ◊ Anne ◊ Jane ◊ Edith ◊ Georgia ◊ Gwen ◊ Catherine ◊ Lydia ◊ Phoebe

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    I'd like to be able to change it. I picked this one in the beginning because at the time it seemed like The Thing to have your username be your favorite girl name first+middle combo. I still love Sansa and Nanami, but I wish my username were more personal to myself as an individual. I'd probably change it to quirkeh, which is the name I use elsewhere (different sites).
    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    YES!! Nameberry was s'pose to change it for me months ago but they haven't.

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    Yes, absolutely! I would change it to my name, GabrielleCarolina.
    Writer of The Mod Podge Bookshelf, author of some books, lover of sticky notes and names!

    Current favorite girls: Aluma, Beatrix, Dinah, Elizabeth, Felicity, Esther, Glory, Gwendolyn, Helena, Isobel, Jemima, Lucelia, Marigold, Ophelia, River, Rose, Tigerlily & Zora!

    Current favorite boys: Carsten, Caspian, Damian, Gideon, Harker, Henry, Jonah, Laughlin, Leo, Maximus & Zephan!

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