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    Brothers Luke and Jude- too similar?

    We have a son Luke, and my husband wants to name baby brother Jude. Too similar? I like the name, but feel it sounds too close. Oh, and I'm due in 11 days! Please let me know your thoughts, thanks!

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    I LOVE Jude! It's one of my all time favorite boy names. Although I do not like naming a child one thing and calling him another, I do, however, recommend Judah. Luke and Judah ... precious!

    But, I do not believe that Luke and Jude are too close, anyway.

    All the best,

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    I love Luke and Jude both and I don't find them too close. I think sounds great together!
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    I think Jude is a wonderful name and goes well with Luke! Go for it!

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    I think Jude sounds perfectly fine with Luke. I don't think they sound too similar. Go for it! Congrats!
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